Monday, November 23, 2009

Free Print Week

This week and through Nov 30th (cyber Monday), I am doing a Buy One Get One Free print sale!!!!  I am very excited about it and I hope others will be too.  :)  Check out my shop for more details. 

I have also added a few new prints as well. The one in this post is one of my new prints.  That was taken this week at the Botanical Gardens.  I got to meet up with a local photographer (who is is her shop) who sells on Etsy.  We got to get out of the house, Child free for a little bit!  Very fun.  Even though the Botanical Gardens was pretty bare, we got a few pictures.  Most of mine are more abstract shots. 

On a side note, I hope that everyone has a wonderful week and  hope that those of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving here in the US have a wonderful day!!  I plan to hit up my In-Laws house for a yummy meal!  :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

ACEOs - Mini Prints

I have been asked several times if I offer ACEO's in my shop.  They are basically mini prints and measure 2.5x3.5inches.  They are like fine art trading cards!  You can hang them on your wall or put them in a book or pretty much do anything with them that you want!

I have 9 different ones in my shop right now (one of which is the picture above).  You will have to keep a look out if I add more!  ;)  haha

Aside from the ACEO's nothing too new has been going on.  I have been busy trying to get ready for my Craft fair thats in about  a week and a half.  I might be doing a second one as well on Dec 5th at a School in Denver.  


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