Sunday, September 19, 2010

Etsy Treasuries

Now that Etsy has a new treasury system (as of several months ago) anyone can make a treasury at any time and they never expire.  So, a few times I have tried my hand at making a treasury.  This makes me realize how fun and  hard it is to make one!

Last night,  I made one called "Fall Into Red".  Its two of my favorite things, fall and the color red!!  :)

I think I should try to make more sooner or later.

But, speaking of fall,  am so ready for fall!  Only a few days left of summer and then its my favorite season!!  The leaves are changing in the Mountains here and my husband and I are thinking of taking hte kids up to see them.  I would really love to get some Aspen tree photographs too.   I also can't wait for pumpkins and Halloween and anything else that just screams fall!!  :)

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