Sunday, August 15, 2010

Calendars are IN!!

I have been working on my 2011 Calendars for my shop.  This year, I am going about them differently.  They are 5x7 or 3.5x5 loose leaf calendars.  So far,  have a Wine themed one, a Floral themed one and a Food themed one.  Plus, I have one that is "Design your own" where you can pick all 12 photos you would like for the calendar!  I am thinking about also doing a sea shell themed Calendar and a landscape themed one too.  I might even look into doing a more traditional wall calendar where there is space for each date to write in stuff.

This is just an example of the various photo you can use to design your own calendar, but customers can also purchase this exact calendar if they happen to like it!  :)

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  1. beautiful pictures Amelia, I am glad to find your inspiring blog.



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