Thursday, June 9, 2011


Earlier this month, I added 12x18inch posters to my shop! They are printed on thick card stock.  I also had them printed on pearl poster paper which gives this amazing touch to the photographs and makes the image pop off the paper!

The Tiny Pearls Of Light poster was even featured in Etsy Finds e-mail this past Saturday!! Yay!!

I just love these posters!!  They are wonderful and affordable ways to add larger photographs to a home, college dorm roof or office!

I really want to add another poster or two, but would love suggestions!!  If you have any photographs in my shop that you would like to see as a 12x18 poster, let me know!!  In a few weeks, you just might see them in my shop!!


  1. I have a lot that I love, but here are some that I would totally order if they were in that size:

    I also bought one before that was one of the butterfly wing collection and it was a turquoise and I LOVE that picture. You have some serious talent girl!

  2. You know what's another one that would be gorgeous? The purple rose up close photo. It's just a couple colors, but it would be amazing blown up!



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