Wednesday, June 1, 2011


In mid May, my husband and I took the kids on a driving trip from here in Denver up to Jackson Hole Wyoming!   It was a fun and beautiful trip!  We only spent 2 days up in the North Western Wyoming area while the other 2 days were spent driving.   I already can't wait to go spend more time at was just beautiful!

Needless to say, there was still a lot of snow at the South Entrance of Yellowstone -- which is not too far from Jackson Hole.  Actually, the day we went to Yellowstone was the first day the south entrance was opened for the summer season!   As we drove in, I could see why.  Some of the snow along the side of the road was upwards of 15 feet deep!   But, as we got closer to Old Faithful and the Hot Springs area, the snow became less and less deep.

We spent a good part of our day at Old Faithful and walking around all the hot springs there.  They were so beautiful and just amazing to see!  

The kids loved watching Old Faithful...and so did my husband and I!  We waited for about an hour for it to go off and it was totally worth the wait!!

This is one of the smaller hot springs.  It was pretty cool to see them bubble and boil.  There were also a few smaller geysers mixed in amongst the hot springs that erupted as we were walking by. 

The hot springs had amazing colors with the different minerals within them and the water.  Its something that its best seen in person!  Some of the pools were this amazing blue a teal or aqua color.  Just stunning!!  Then the run of from the hot spring could range from a dark green to yellow or orange to white.  There were so many beautiful colors in and around the hot springs!

We also got to see a lot of different wild life.  We saw a ton of Buffalo, a Bald Eagle (that had caught a fish) and a few Coyote!

We had such a great time!  We didn't get to see anywhere near as much of the park as we had wanted to see, but then again, we could only be there for one day!  Yellowstone is a really beautiful photographs don't do it justice!!

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  1. oh my gosh, these landscapes are stunning!! I have to visit there someday! It's on my bucket list. Also that shot of the eagle is wonderful, with the fish in his claws. You are so lucky to live nearby such a place. ;)



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